Lupe Fiasco Lasers Leak and Tracklist

Published: 07th July 2010
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Lupe Fiasco's highly anticipated album, Lasers is set to release in the last quarter of 2010. This will be his first album since the 2007 release of "The Cool", which was suposed to be Fiasco's second to last album. Yes, Lupe Fiasco Lasers Album was going to be his LAST album except it wasn't going to be called Lasers. The original title was going to be LupE.N.D. which would have been a triple album, except Atlantic Records prevented him from retiring this way.

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Fiasco decided to kill the LupE.N.D. idea and instead was going to release "The Great American Rap Album" in June of 2009, which was another lost hope for all the fans. Now one long year later we finally get a glimpse of this new album, Lasers. Lupe Fiasco Lasers album leaked and has been heard by many. People are comparing it to previous albums and its noted that this is by far the best quality content album that Lupe Fiasco has released as of yet.

Lupe Fiasco's Lasers album is a backronym which means "Love Always, Shines Everytime, Remember 2 Smile". The album has been worked on since 2008 and a few producers that have been noted are The Neptunes, Mathew Santos and Kanye West. Theres a good chance Lupe Fiasco Lasers Leak is not going to stop album sales, once some singles start having a public release we will see Lupe once again at the top of the charts just like his first and second album. This is the first time hearing about the Lupe Fiasco Lasers Leaked songs and probably wont be the last but we can hope he goes platinum and wins more awards. Don't forget to pick up the album as soon as it releases, look out for Lupe Fiasco Lasers Album Download on itunes!

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